Film & Video Production


What We Offer

 Complete in-house range of services in the film and video production field. From finding actors and extras, catering, location scouting, script-writing and story-boarding, all the way to full 35mm and digital film production, complete with light, jimmy jib, dolly… Our non – linear editing bay is equipped with fastest workstations able to handle even the most demanding of video processing tasks as well as 3D animation and visual effects.

  1. TV ADS AND COMMERCIALS (product, corporate…)
  6. MULTICAM EVENTS (concerts, corporate events, beauty contests…)
  7. We believe it all starts with a vision. It is a brilliant moment of inspiration when imagination is about to take form, and a new creation is given its form. It would all be virtually impossible without having the aid of modern day filmmaking technology and methods.
  8. We follow all of the latest film and television production standards.

You can find the details below


  • FULL HD Sony-i Panasonic TV cameras, up to 8 simultaneous cameras mix
  • FULL HD digital Canon EOS with a set of 35mm lenses and supporting gear 4K RED camera for most demanding projects and outstanding image quality
  • 25kW Tungsten Arri Light, HMI lights, FLUO soft lights
  • Colour correction foils, silk, diffusion, diffusor frames
  • Standard 220V or high voltage with switchers and distribution boxes
  • Mobile generators of different kinds
  • 6m track with dolly wheels
  • 8m cinema crane with a 2 axis pan tilt remote head
  • Wireless and directional microphones with recorder for outdoor sound recording
  • Studio / Chroma Key, Props, Cars, Extras / Models, Animals…
  • Set Locations and permits in whole of Croatia and European Union
  • Visual Effects …. water, rain, fire, smoke, lightning, wind


  •  3x Full HD / 4K 64bit i7 editing platforms with dual calibrated screens
  • Complete video and sound editing suite / Colour Correction
  • 3D Animation-i Special Digital Effects / Compositing / Title Gen
  • Audio workstation with voice and tone recording/editing capabilities 

VFX [Visual Effects]


We can revive long-extinct creatures, or wage wars in distant galaxies at the edge of the universe. Thanks to new developments in computer animation and graphics, imagination is the limit.

  • 2D green / blue chroma screen / removal of rig wire
  • 3D tracking and virtual environment
  • 2D and 3D logo animation and opening video sequence
  • 3D animation od creatures and integration with the real world
  • 3D animation of computer generated objects and facilities
  • 3D animation of effects like explosions, fire, rain, snow