About AUDEH OverDose

Mohamed Essam Audeh was born in Bahrain on June 15 1994, whom goes by the stage name AUDEH OverDose, which he is a Music Producer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Song Writer, and DJ.

During his early days he was deaf at birth up to around 8 years old, where he began hearing like any normal person after countless surgeries, he began to fall in love with music but didn't really take it seriously until later on. At the age of 12 he received his first guitar where he began taking lessons, and later on taught himself including the drums and piano.

He started writing lyrics to random rap beats he found online on YouTube but only kept it to himself and never shared it with anyone, but when he was around 16 years old he started messing around with various DAWs or music production software, and from there he began bettering himself in producing all kinds of genres where he became a ghost producer, co-ghost producer, and ghost writer for several artists around the world under certain labels and also caught the attention of one of Wiz Khalifa, and French Montana's producer, as well as one of the biggest recording studios in L.A.

At first he began mixing and mastering the tracks of several artists, and then later started co-producing before fully producing tracks for them. He then took a break from DJ'ing or performing live for a while to work on his first official album called Reborn, which the release date is still unknown, and released a few official remixes, as well as helping out as many artists of all kinds around the Middle East, to bring out the best in them.

Awards / Achievements:

2014, Song in the top 50 on the iTunes charts

2013, Top 3 local DJs

2014, Top local DJ 

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