About Us

What We Do

4 Aces is a Booking and Touring Talent Management Agency in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) in which it was Co-Founded by Mohamed Essam Audeh (CEO) as well as Ahmed Hasan Abu Hassan (COO) in which the organization was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The company started off as an idea between the two members after they both had the same idea and vision, in which they began negotiating and brainstorming. 4 Aces consists of a number of individuals where they all play a key role and serve an important purpose in the company by being the head of a certain department.

4 Aces drives to find the best and most talented artists to manage on tours and on the road across the MENA region. 4 Aces is well connected with different promoters, and organizers across the region including Asia, and Europe. 

This company works with different employees who are skilled and are able to execute their tasks given at a credible and rapid pace. 4 Aces operates with on different standards in which artists signed and or associated with 4 Aces as second party members are required to perform during their shows in which 4 Aces handles their bookings and road management. 

4 Aces works with performing musicians, dancers, models, and other performers in which the company sees a virtuous future, and a great deal of talent in which will benefit the company as well as the artist him/her/themselves. 

Artists may contact 4 Aces as a request to showcase their talent through videos, and reviews, or in the most common way, which a talent scout selected the artist out. 

4 Aces is aimed to work hard and to deliver the best deals it can to establish a great ethical relationship with the artist and employee in order to please and meet the terms of the artist to keep him/themselves happy.